See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil....
Port Townsend's Haunted Bordello
Dead Sexy!

The Haunted Bordello

Two Nights Only!
There's an eerie light shining from the old red Victorian on the hill. Many years ago, on a dark October evening, something bad happened in Port Townsend's finest pleasure palace. Join us for an evening of tantalizing fright you will never forget...


Date: Friday October 24 & Saturday October 25
Time: 7pm to 10:30pm
Location: 313 Walker St. Port Townsend (Directions)
Price: $10 cold, hard cash
Parking: We recommend parking at the Jefferson County court house
Goodies: Concessions will be available for purchase
Spend the night?: Here

The Details...wherein resides the devil

Port Townsend's Haunted Bordello is a guided tour. It is our pleasure to offer you a titillating and terrifying entertainment. One intimate group of three to five guests will be admitted at to the house at a time. We appreciate your patience.

A Night at the Bordello

Time was men lined up outside the Old Consulate Inn to glimpse girls passing in front of the window. Today those windows are boarded shut and no one would be mad enough to spend the night in the old place...

...or would they?

Spend the night at the Old Consulate. A few select rooms are available on Oct 24 & 25 at Old Consulate Inn. Join the cast for (late) breakfast.